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Channel Rules & Policies

***Version 2.4***
UPDATED: November 28th, 2016

1. Channel moderators have the final say regarding the interpretation and enforcement of channel rules, as well as what actions should be taken toward channel members. Placing a moderator on ignore will be met by ejection from the channel.

2. Where applicable, this channel adheres to both the general Neverwinter/PWE Terms of Service, (ToS), and/or the Forum Rules of Conduct, (RoC). These Rules are to be used, where applicable, in conjunction with the NW_Legit_Community's Forum Rules.

3. There is to be NO "naming and shaming" in channel - this applies to players, guilds, alliances, the 'devs', channel moderators, PWE/Cryptic and/or their volunteers and staff, and/or any other persons or entities, as determined by the channel moderators. If you have an issue with a person or persons, please contact a GM or file a support ticket.

4. Topics regarding race, religion, nationality, or sexual orientation are strictly prohibited. Ageism and/or discussions of disabilities are similarly off limits. Additionally, discussions relating to topics of a sexual, criminal, or drug-related nature are forbidden. Keep chat at a 'PG' level.

5. The use of profanities is not encouraged but, may be permitted only if they are spelled correctly, used sparingly/infrequently and are not directed at others. Circumventing the profanity filter is prohibited.

6. You are free to form a team however you wish, but any sort of overt or inappropriate exclusionary behavior, such as talking down to other players or otherwise rude behavior, will not be permitted. Channel members should treat one-another with patience and understanding. Any form of personal attack or abuse will not be tolerated.

7. You may discuss Gear Score (GS) / Average Item Level (AIL) in a constructive manner in relation to dungeon requirements, builds or similar, yet do not discuss GS/AIL in a manner that may be condescending, derogatory, exclusionary, demeaning and/or offensive.

8. Advertising / recruiting for players or parties is encouraged, however spamming in-channel is prohibited. You may advertise that you are looking for a team, or looking for more members for your team, but spread said requests out to a reasonable time between posts such as once every two minutes, dependent upon how busy the chat is. Advertising items for sale / trade, the sale / trade of items / goods / services and / or any sort of real-money service are never allowed. You may ask your game-related questions in-channel, but again, be sure to space out your requests, and don't get indignant if you do not get a response. Guild, alliance and channel advertising and recruitment is not permitted without prior approval from a channel Admin.

9. Discussion and debate is allowed if it is constructive, considerate and civil. If you have a disagreement with another player where you can't or won't be constructive, considerate and civil then please take said discussion out of the channel. Likewise, non-game-related topics should be taken out of the channel. If you disagree with a Moderator's actions then please discuss it with them by private message and do not discuss it in channel.

10. You may provide constructive criticism regarding the game or its mechanics, but if said discussion ceases to be constructive, you are to end that conversation in channel. "Pay to Win" or "P2W" discussions are henceforth deemed to be un-constructive, and as such, are prohibited.

11. Discussions of exploits, cheats, or other abuses of the game engine/functions/etc are strictly prohibited; If you feel you have uncovered a potential exploit or flaw in the game, please submit a support ticket about it. What is or is not an exploit is at the discretion of PWE/Cryptic and/or channel moderators.

12. There is no official loot policy for NW_Legit_Community - Please discuss terms with your team and adhere to whatever is decided.

13. If a Moderator has taken action towards you or another member that you believe should be reviewed (except "Warnings"), you can apply for a Review. Please note: inappropriate or spam use of this facility will result in severe disciplinary action.

14. If you observe inappropriate behaviour or misconduct please take a screen shot of the incident and report it using the Report Misconduct form. Please note: inappropriate or spam use of this facility will result in severe disciplinary action.

15. By using the channel you agree to abide by these Rules, the Forum Rules and the decisions of Moderators.

The above is in no way exhaustive, and I prefer that conversations in the channel stick to the "spirit" of the rules, rather than their literal word.

To those of you who abide by the rules and help strengthen what has become a great community, I heartily thank you!

Edited: July 24, 2016 - Inclusion of "alliances" to rules 3 & 8. - @damnacious
Edited: November 28, 2016 - Clarification added to rule 8 regarding advertising and trading in channel. - @damnacious
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